Nebraska Vortex Softball

Welcome to your Nebraska Vortex Softball online store brought to you by TAG Ink and Thread. To navigate your options, please select the design you want with the options below, then choose your gear!

You have 2 chooses for picking up your order.  Flat rate shipping or in store pickup.  Please note ALL “In Store Pick-ups” will be collected by Simone Garcia and will be distributed by Simone Garcia.  If you have any questions regarding picking up your order please contact Simone Garcia at 402.875.2037.

Your online store will close on the morning of April 10th.  Your orders will be shipped on April 21st. “In store pickup” orders will be distributed by Simone Garcia.

Address where to pick up your “In store pickup”

8962 Prairie Village Dr.

Lincoln, NE 68507

Thank you for supporting Nebraska Vortex Softball!

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