Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this shirt cost?

We are a 100% custom, full-service decorators, so there are quite a few moving parts to this equation. It all starts with the cost of the goods and any art fees, followed by screens, print pricing (based on number of colors and locations), any finishing or special handling costs that go with it. Our philosophy is that you want to know what your bottom line cost is for a shirt so the price we quote includes all our charges. There will be no additional set up cost, or art charge, or color change charge. We do not have a minimum quantity but your cost per shirt will definitely go down as the quantity goes up. You won’t need to know the screen printing business in order to figure out what your shirts are going to cost. When asking for a quote, we will work with you to gather the necessary information and discuss your options with you but it is helpful if you have a preview of the art, an idea of the type of garments you want to print on, and an estimated quantity.

Do you have minimums?

We do not have a minimum but your cost per shirt will definitely decrease as the quantity increases. Different types of garments can be combined to achieve quantity pricing as long as they are receiving the same prints. We have taken orders as small as 1 hoodie to as large as 16,000+ for the Lincoln Marathon.

I have my own art, how do I advise you what colors I want?

All color matching is done via the Pantone Matching System. Every color is assigned a number. We use the Pantone Solid Coated and Solid Uncoated books for matching. Please refer to Pantone numbers when calling out colors. Autumn Solstice Orange, Corduroy Fantasy Beige and Insider Trading Green are color names that work well for Martha Stewart’s latest line of interior paints, not so well for us. Stick to the number. If you’re unsure, let us pick for you. We cannot guarantee an exact pantone match but it is a great place to start if that is important. There may be an additional cost for exact color match.

Can I get samples printed?

We have many sample garments in our shop but if we don’t have what you are looking for we will be happy to order in sample garments for you to use for sizing or in deciding what garments to print on. You will be able to see a sample of your art displayed in a computer image of what it will look like but we will not be able to actually print an actual sample of the finished screen printed product. If you require this there will be a charge which we can discuss with you. We’re very good at what we do, and we won’t print anything we think might get returned.

What brand of products do you use?

Whatever you want. We have access to all the major lines and can provide links to our suppliers when searching for that just right garment.

Do you print on my own garments?

We call this printing on customer’s goods and yes we will. We require that we inspect the goods before quoting or making a final decision on the suitability of the garments for printing. You will be required to sign an agreement outlining our responsibility and if an exact count is required you will need to take that into consideration to allow for testing.

What types of art files are acceptable?

All files must be sent at full size, 300dpi or higher. Send Adobe Photoshop for raster files, and Adobe Illustrator for vector art. Make sure to attach font files for text or convert all type to outlines. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Surely, this jpeg from the internet is good enough,” nope! If a file is sent and we can’t easily work with it, we’ll have to charge for the artist’s time to prepare it for printing. MS Paint, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint files cannot be accepted. Art or mock-ups created from a “Design Your Own T-Shirt” site are helpful in giving us an idea of what you want but are not suitable to create final art for creating screens.

Do you do rush orders?

We do, and pricing is subject to rush charges. Charges are affected by due date, difficulty of print, and many other factors but you will know your final total cost before we proceed with any work.

Can I order a rainbow of tees?

You can order multiple shirt colors for your unicorn fiesta, but keep in mind that not all art works on all colors. You will need an under-base on dark garments.

I got my order and it was more than I dreamed possible! Can I tell my friends?

Glad we could make that happen for you, and yes, please do! Most of our business is due to repeat customers, and we strive to keep it that way.